Thursday, May 9, 2013


My son and daughter both share the month of May for their birthdays and it reminded me that it's been 2 years since we threw a big bash! For their 5th and 1st birthday I threw a circus party. Lots of fun. But also a learning experience. For a location that didn't really allow a whole lot in the decoration department, I had two full vehicles full of stuff. An SUV & A TRUCK! That's a lot of stuff people! I'm fairly certain everyone thought I was nuts. And this was BEFORE I even followed the party blog circuit, so I'm fairly certain I would have needed a U-Haul if I had. This party took a lot of friends to pull off and they know THEY ROCK!

I thought I would share and re-live the moments a little myself. Here are some of my favorite {read: documented} parts of the party. 

It all started with this invitation photo. 

Everyone loves a silly photo and props still aren't old news for me. I love looking back at the silly photos. I constructed a fram with PVC and hung material from it. Next time I might install some rivets to tie it tight around the sides because hanging fabric and breezes make for lots of re-takes. 
I asked Publix to do a real simple cake for me. I basically handed them my invite and said suprise me. I wasn't even up on my fondant toppers at this point or for sure there would have been an elephant involved. 

The birthday girl went with a smash cupcake and literally went face first into it. One nostil was filled with red icing, and the other aqua. As long as it matches your dress though, it's alllll good!

One of my major undertakings {aka my husband's to-do list} involved building game booths. There were supposed to be signs attached at the top to the front of these, but we couldn't get the files to open at the print shop and I had to let go of that dream. No one else seemed to care but me. The kids thought the games were a blast!

And yes, that is my stepfather with his shirt open. It doesn't even phase me anymore. It also happened at my wedding. I have the photo proof. Must be a European thing. :)

We had a Knock-Em-Down game, Pick-A-Duck & Win-A-Fish game. The fish game was a huge hit. Rest Easy though, the fish were synthetic.. Not many people want to be sent home with an extra dependent from a party. Instead, I had found a really cool idea on the internet (Gasp: It didn't come from pinterest!) that involved making fish soap that looked like a fish in a bag. They turned out so cool! 

And can I just say, kids LOVE tickets! 

Popcorn a must! I was lucky to have a friend lend me hers! And she even made sure there was always fresh popcorn on hand!

There was lots of clowning around by all!

Five was such a sweet number!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Last Minute Mom: Leprechaun games

It's not that TOTALLY forgot there was a Saint Patrick's Day party today at my daughter's school. I just assumed I'd have it taken care of on Thursday and before I knew it, Thursday was over and I never got around to Target. In a way, that is good, because a $5 t-shirt would have somehow cost me $100. I swear you cannot get out of that store for under $100 {It's only happened once and it involved my daughter in her gymnastics leotard laying on a main aisle floor having a meltdown over a cup}. I just imagine that an emergency meeting was held after that to discuss how I left the store for $10 and where they failed in end caps and plan-o-grams. 

Last night as I was putting her to bed, my ears were ringing with her teacher's last words, "Don't forget to wear greeeeeen tomorrow". Ugh. MOM FAIL. But hold your eye roll underachieving moms because THIS is nothing new for me.I underachieve all the time . I'm not that mom that nails every day of spirit week {commence eye roll overachieving moms}.Oh it's {insert tropical Luau theme}day?'s your sister's kiddie float..just pretend like you're splashing in water all day.  Be gone.  

It probably stems from my childhood. You know, that Halloween my mom clearly forgot I was supposed to dress up for the parade at school and took a white sheet, cut some holes and threw it over my head. That Happened. And I remember Every.Minute.Of.It. I need not say anymore. BUT surely she has some green in her closet.  NOPE. How is that possible?! How did I miss a color of the rainbow in my kid's closet? It's not like she's Wednesday Adams...we have color. We just had NO GREEN!  

I just felt like I needed to make this happen. You know, get past the white sheet in the room. What did we have? We had a chunky bead Saint Patrick's day necklace that I really didn't want her to wear to school. What else? Oh those socks I randomly bought at target one day. YES, we had a pair or women's knee high St.Patty socks. I turned those socks into leggings in 15 minutes. Cut, pin, sew. Done. 

But I still had no idea what we were going to do for a shirt. I mean the leggings would have been enough, but I wanted the gold at the end of the that rainbow. I went to bed hoping a magical leprechaun would leave one lying on her bed, no questions asked. But then again, MAYBE NOT. 

Leprechaun, The Movie. 

I went through her closet twice this morning. Nothing. Oh but wait, last years shirt. Just maybe. Last year I bought a white shirt from Target, a quarter cut of fabric in green from JoAnn's and used my silhouette to cut out a shamrock which I ironed onto the shirt. But the shirt was a 3T and my daughter wears 5T. This was going to be like Drizella trying to shove her foot into that glass slipper{read Cinderella is my favorite Disney movie ever}. And on top of it, because I knew the shirt would be too short to wear on its own, I also had to put it over a tank top. 

I put the shirt on her over the tank. The sleeves were borderline tourniquet tight. Ugh. WE WILL make this work. Grabbed a pair of scissors, cut a slit in each sleeve. 

{No I did not take pictures this morning in my rush!Re-simulated just for you.  :)}

Cut two strips of green ribbon I had in me ribbon box and used a lighter to seal the edges so they would not fray during the day. {Just a real quick once over so not to start melting the ribbon}.

Put the ribbon through the sleeve and out of the neck.

Tie knots..single...double...add additional ribbon. Go nuts! 

Boom Boom. 

{snug success ;)}

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nuts About You Valentine

I'm so down to the wire. I'll say it out loud for all of us who may be in this pickle. In honor of my procrastination, here is a free download for anyone who is still in a jam! Happy Valentine's Eve!